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There is a fine ring of ten bells at Holy Cross Church, Church Walk (off Market Square), Daventry,  NN11 4BL - the largest percussion instrument in Daventry!  

The clock chimes the quarters on bells 4 and 6 and the hours on bell 9. Read here how the mechanism works.


Before coronavirus the bells were rung ..

..for services: Every Sunday from 9.20am for the 10am service.  

We need one ringer for each bell.  The number of bells that we ring varies with the number of ringers available!  We rely on ringers from surrounding villages whose own service times vary week by week and can clash with Holy Cross.

..for practice:   Every Tuesday 7.30pm - 9pm.  (In the aftermath of Covid 19, this is presently 7.30 - 8.30pm)


See the Ringing Diary below for all the ringing.  The date of the last update is shown at the bottom of the page.

Visiting teams should make contact with the Secretary at least a month in advance (three months for peals please) of any proposed visit because we restrict the amount of ringing so as to keep good relations with our many residential and commercial neighbours in this central location.

Learning the English art and science of bellringing is fascinating in many different ways.  You are welcome to come and see us in action for Sunday services or practices. We shall be only too pleased to set up basic safe training for you to start a life-long journey of discovery.

Weddings: The bells should be booked to be rung after weddings (or funerals) with the Vicar when making arrangements for the ceremony. A nominated band will be assembled especially, for which a fee will be collected by the priest.

Access:  Come in through the main west church door and in the porch to your left is the small door to the ringing room stair.  The spiral stair has 24 even, well-lit steps.  Please wait until ringing stops before opening the door into the ringing room because an active ringer has to stand in the doorway!


Secretary:  Ann Houghton  email

Tower Captain:   Carole Pullin  01327 871806 or email

Deputy Tower Captain and Steeple keeper:   Leanne Martin  email   

Facebook:  Click here


Ringing Diary


Page last updated:16/1/2022

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